Bold design project of a modern townhouse in a historic district

Moore Park Residence Facade
Moore Park Residence Facade

This house was built on the site of an old demolished building. It was designed in the architectural tradition of the 1920s and was designed for a single family.

Wooden stairs to the second floor

According to the architects, their design concept was based on incorporating elements of living nature into the interior, which makes it seem as if the rooms inside the house are in an open space. The large amount of glass, which in some rooms even replaces the walls, gives the house a feeling of total harmony with nature.

Modern Kitchen Interior Design
Linear kitchen in light colors
Moore Park exterior
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  1. Oakley

    This project sounds intriguing! I’m curious to know how this modern townhouse design manages to blend with the surrounding historic district. Are there any specific architectural elements or materials being incorporated to maintain the historical feel while still achieving a bold and contemporary look?

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