Charming, ultra-modern home on a small lot

The magnificent Brooklin cottage is located in São Paulo. Incredible conceptual idea was developed by the talented designers and decorators of the architectural studio Galeria Arquitetos in 2008. This small and cozy mansion was erected in a rather narrow plot measuring 6 by 30 meters, which is not quite suitable for the arrangement of a comfortable and attractive cottage. But the architects managed to overcome all difficulties and bring to life a delightful design.

The building site was located in a low-density residential neighborhood on a very quiet side street with a beautiful landscape view of the Hípica Paulistana stables. Significant limitations and shortcomings of the building served as the basis for the design of an interesting home decor With an open floor plan on the first floor to provide a flexible space of fluid environment without visual barriers.

Long concrete pieces of decoration and furnishings were installed along the wall to organize a functional room on the ground floor, appearing in the form of alternating shelves under the television display in the living room, cabinets for the dining room and work surfaces in the form of countertops and storage spaces in the kitchen area.

Galeria Arquitetos' ultra-modern Brooklin house

By wiggle wooden staircase You can go up to the bedrooms on the second floor, which are placed above the concrete box. They are filled with dazzling sunlight through the amazing glass roof in the hallway.

Galeria Arquitetos' Brooklin ultra-modern house

The outdoor dining area is in the back area. A grill area and wood-burning stove will brighten up the owners' stay and give them the opportunity to enjoy great tasty al fresco meals.

Galeria Arquitetos' Brooklin ultra-modern home

The living room has a casual casual look. A black quilted sofa and a small table embellish it. comfortable armchair a cream upholstered chair with a footrest lets you relax after a day of work and enjoy watching TV in a calm, relaxing atmosphere.

Galeria Arquitetos' Brooklin ultra-modern home

An abundance of bright accessories, decorations and ornaments fill the whitewashed décor with color and vibrant content, giving the interior a cheerful mood and richness.

Galeria Arquitetos' Brooklin ultra-modern home

A skylight gives access to a summer terrace where you can admire the graceful scenery of the green spaces and the grandeur of the city.

Brooklin ultra-modern house by Galeria Arquitetos

The sleeping rooms offer a view over the city streets and the greenery that surrounds them. The Brooklin family homes are characterized by ornate wood shutters on the exterior and high glossy sliding partitions on the interior.

Galeria Arquitetos' Brooklin ultra-modern house
Galeria Arquitetos' Brooklin ultra-modern home

Interior photography Courtesy of Mastermind Pedro Kok.

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