Conceptual design project of a country wooden house

The opportunity to build a home in a pristine setting comes with an architect's responsibility to the environment. This is primarily concerned with the use of natural materials. Today we're going to talk about the remarkable Brewer House project in Wanaka, New Zealand, which was designed by Harry Condon in collaboration with Sarah Scott Architects Ltd.

Brewer House Rectangular Structure
Brewer House residence's spacious living room
The Brewer House has a beautiful and unusual shape

The residence is on the edge of civilization – the nearest housing is 15 km. The unique location on a remote peninsula of a large lake dictated a revolutionary layout of the building. The quintessential design was the stunning integration of the house into the landscape – the clean, honed forms fit perfectly into the cliff face in the background.

Multifaceted slate slabs stylistically replicate geologic strata. The composition is intentionally made broken to reduce the contrast of the alien body with the wilderness.

Detailed sketch of the terrain on which the Brewer House residence stands
Sketch of Brewer House east side view
Sketch of the north side of the Brewer House residence
Sketch of the Brewer House residence's entire area
Brewer House local layout

Photo: Mickey Ross.

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