Conceptual remodeling of a private home – cantilevered layout, panoramic windows and a gorgeous pool

Folding patio door

According to the architects: "Despite the steep landscaped terrain, the building was well located in an area with charming views of the city. Plus, its backyard is quite private, and it's also surrounded by beautiful deciduous trees.".

The cottage is characterized by its openness and spaciousness. Huge windows and wide doorways everywhere. They make it easy to fill the interior spaces with sunlight, and fresh air permeates every corner of the house. Another noteworthy detail is the absence of seams between the wooden panels. It was achieved thanks to the great craftsmanship of the carpenters.

Wilden Street House interior

The lines between the outdoor courtyard and the rooms seem to have been erased. What catches the eye is the unrivaled cityscape that connects to the garden, and the dramatic pool. The back of the house in general makes an unexpected statement in the form of a rousing terrace. Here you can relax with friends and family after a hard day's work.

Media room interior
Wilden Street House interior
Wilden Street House interior
Wilden Street House exterior
The façade of the Wilden Street House

In conclusion, it is the collaboration between the contractor and the client that has made these properties so outstanding, and the quality of the work is reflected in every detail. Otherwise, it wouldn't have worked! Don't you agree??

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