Cozy urban home – laconic design and simplicity of decoration

We often talk about luxurious residences and unusual house projects, but sometimes a little bit simple and modest design can make a much stronger impression than luxurious and rich interiors. This is exactly what the Main Street House project by SHED Architecture& is all about Design in Seattle. It can be characterized as a cozy and charming residential project, where considerable attention is given to coziness and comfort than to intricacy. It was created for an elderly couple, who previously worked as archaeologists. The main wish of the clients was to have a cosy retreat where they could retreat and enjoy the silence.

The exterior of the Main Street House

Quiet suburb was the perfect place to build. There were mature trees growing on the property before it was even built, and the grounds are dotted with greenery on all sides. This was an excellent point, as a more ideal environment for a home where you can hide from prying eyes and feel all the charm of privacy simply can not be found. In addition, well-developed infrastructure allows you to not only enjoy the quiet, but to be among civilization.

The house itself was built on a small hill, so the foundation is set on an uneven surface. Modern architects have long ago not considered such features as disadvantages, even on the contrary, see in such options good prospects. The building is surrounded by a riot of greenery and a well-kept landscaped garden. For the decor of the patio rather simple solutions were used, without frills and pathos.

The exterior of Main Street House
The wood in the Main Street House decor
A wooden element in the Main Street House decor

The spacious living room is the epitome of elegance and style. Despite the light color scheme, darker colors are used for furnishings. Black leather sofas and armchairs, coffee table and other items don't look too harsh against the walls, thanks to the grey floor. This solution allows such different colors to look more balanced and appropriate, without creating abrupt transitions, which are strongly conspicuous.

The look is cool and concise. Original and boldly in the interior design fits wood stove. Although it is not too relevant for modern homes, but in this picture is not superfluous.

Main Street House Living Room Interior

The kitchen area matches the rest of the house. The harmony and elegance of the balance between wood and light and dark tones. The big advantage of this area is the windows. The glazing areas take up a large portion of the wall, providing a view of the lush greenery outside at a good angle.

The large room is rationally divided into areas, the next is the dining room. It is defined only visually: a large table with benches and a huge chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Behind the sliding doors there is a spacious terrace, equipped with only necessary accessories and details.

Main Street House exterior
Main Street House exterior
A woven rug in Main Street House
Main Street House interior

Bedroom décor is perfect for a room designed for relaxation. Same equanimity and modesty as the rest of the house, separate highlights and peaceful atmosphere are the best allies for creating a light and relaxed atmosphere. The bathroom is in a similar style, with wooden furniture and white surfaces.

Bathroom interior at Main Street House

A mix of glass, wood, and concrete by architects from HED Architecture& Design combined to build a great residence. The calm and cool furnishings were created for clients who wanted their house to be a cozy place to savor silence and privacy.

In addition to elegant interiors, attention was paid to the energy efficiency of the dwelling: integrated systems for rainwater harvesting, ventilation, heat circulation and passive solar lighting minimize dependence on general urban utilities and significantly reduce financial costs for a number of services that modern people simply can't do without.

Main Street House schematic
Main Street House schematic
Main Street House scheme
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