Eccentric residence in the forest – a futuristic Shell project by ARTechnic Architects in Nagano

Shell Residence interior design
The dining area of the Shell residence
Futuristic architecture: amazing cylindrical house in the woods The Shell residence's lobby
Bathroom interior in a modern style
Shell Residence Interior Design

The design fully taps into the spirit of nature, despite the appearance of futuristic details and manner of execution – the house's zoning division is expressed in the seamless flow of one plan into another. The round shape of the walls contributes to a warm and cozy interior space, as well as spectacular change of light during the day through the glass facades and the window in the roof.

Natural ventilation is created throughout the house by the absence of special partitions blocking air access. The main materials used during construction were precious woods and white concrete, which are perfect for an area with such fantastic landscaping.

Terrace at the Shell Residence
Shell residence patio design
Façade of the private Shell residence
The glass facade of the Shell residence
Shell Residence exterior
Shell Residence exterior
Shell Residence exterior
The façade of the Shell Private Residence
Shell Residence Courtyard Design
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