Elegant rustic single-story country house design project

The exterior of a country home in Canada

Traditionally contrasting framed window frames and natural shingles form the region's characteristic exterior, while cool neutral interior colors retain some semblance of urban style.

The open floor plan follows a common pattern and combines the kitchen, dining room, and living room at the front of the house.

The other half, hidden from view, is the guest bedroom and master suite.

Despite the attic, the clients decided not to use the attic for living purposes. A wide veranda completes the idyllic view.

Interior design of a country house bedroom in Canada
Canadian country house bathroom interior design
Kitchen area of a country house in Canada
The patio of a country house in Canada
Laundry room of a country house in Canada
Country-house blueprint in Canada
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  1. Piper

    What are some key features and design elements that make this rustic single-story country house project feel elegant and stylish?

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