Exterior warmth and comfort with Green Orchard and its striking cladding by Paul Archer Design, England

We offer the distinguished members of our popular forum to make another excursion into the great and aristocratic Britain and, then, to discuss the luxurious interior design of a wonderful residence, which found its place in the picturesque bosom of nature. The days when houses were unwieldy and dark are long gone. Today, many famous architects and designers prefer the direction focused on the pure ecology and love for our environment.

These days most houses are not only efficient in this respect, they also represent the proper comfort and aesthetics. The building's energy efficiency is achieved by natural sources. The house covers a small area of 200 square meters.

Interior design Green Orchid Home
Interior design of the Green Orchid Home
Interior design residence Green Orchid Home
Green Orchid Home interior design
Green Orchid Home Residence Interior Design

The Green Orchard is designed by Paul Archer Design.

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