Large Northwest Family Retreat by Scott Allen Design Company

The popular forum once again welcomes you to its pages. Today we present you the home that won the design award in 2006. It's widely known for its exclusive living room design and exquisite room decorations, which we'll explore below.

This luxury mansion Designed and decorated by Scott Allen Design Company. Its exterior exterior takes a little bit from its surroundings. The yard is neatly laid out with stones along the paths. They also decorate the patio in a very original way, looking a bit like a bonsai garden.

Living room interior design

Now let's move closer to The original design of the living room. Exquisite simplicity and at the same time opulence of the room screams of its perfection. The modest appearance of the fireplace on both sides is complemented by built-in niches of light wood cabinets and shelves for TV, books and other things. Close to it the pieces of furniture are placed.

The room is outlined with a light gray sofa in the corner, which has taken on a bronze shimmering effect by means of piecemeal lighting. Behind it, three sheets of corrugated white glass are decoratively placed. All this perfectly laid out picture is diluted by the coffee table, made of dark wood and steam leather armchairs of the same color.

Bedroom interior design

Kitchen and dining room light pendant decorative lights, giving the setting a cozy and warm feel. Almost all the furniture in the house is made of different shades of wood, and each element complements each other in its own color scheme.

Panoramic windows in the kitchen-dining room interior

The mansion also has a basement room, equipped as a wine cellar, The interior is fully clad in wood. The storage is built in such a way that the interior is always kept cool and there is no moisture.

Photo collage: staircase design and decor items in the interior

Every corner of this beautiful place corresponds to its status. Wherever you go, everywhere you'll be surrounded by opulence, sophistication, and yet spacious simplicity. The decoration of the building, inside and out, shows the care taken by the owners as well as their exquisite taste. All in all, it's really ideal home for a large family.

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