A fabulous weekend retreat, the Village House is a rustic country house from The Powerhouse Company, Denmark

This modern country house built by the Powerhouse Company is a weekend residence. Located in the northern district of Sjælland, it is surrounded by lush, colorful vegetation.

The Village House exterior
The exterior of the Village House
The Village House interior
The interior of the Village House
The interior of the Village House

What interesting visitors to our cognitive forum can see in this construction?

The Village House was proposed to be designed as a traditional Danish estate where a young family could come for the weekend. A peculiar five-fingered layout provides a wide range of spatial possibilities, although the living quarters of which it is composed are not large in size. They keep the house in tandem as a whole, thereby emphasizing family-like.

The mansion is a cluster of five wings, five miniature cabins. They are arranged like a fan, like five fingers on an open hand. This design provides a welcoming environment throughout the year and at all times of day. For example, a large window serves as a source of light in the living room and allows the sun to bathe the dining table in its rays throughout the afternoon.

It so happens that dachas are a traditional-family space, but as kids get older, they want more independence from their parents. And in this sense, a family nest of five cabins united in the center of a common free area is ideal for all. Every member of the family has privacy when they need it. Meanwhile, a stellar central space – the kitchen combined with the dining room – forms an area for spending time together. At the same time, cozy nooks for singles are also provided here.

This solution accurately reflects the different desires of all members of the family. One will want to sit in a picturesque home gazebo, the other in a spacious living room with a modern design. All whims are feasible within the walls of this country house.

The foundation of the estate is a classic Danish gazebo, with current notions of living space added to the interior. The Powerhouse Company was able to realize in their work the harmony that we all lack in our frantic everyday life. The elemental wooden structure has pitched roofs, and the black frame color –s most understated tone in nature –s looks like shadows in the surrounding woods. Inside, a homogenous white surface maximizes dim northern light.

A simple but modern solution – low maintenance is more important in a country house than a large estate. In terms of garden architecture, a close relationship with the surrounding landscape – this is a particularly important point for a country house. A country cottage is very different from all the neighboring structures, thus providing the basis for a separate way of life. Isn't that what we look for when we go on vacation?

The Village House interior
The Village House interior
Site plan

Photos: Åke E. Son Lindman.

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