New is well-forgotten old: Midvale Courtyard House by Bruns Architecture, Wisconsin

To renovate an old structure, an architect needs to "understand" the space, the values and what connects the owners and the building itself. And this was never easy. Finding the perfect combination of contemporary home design elements that work well with the original floor plan.

To create a fresh dwelling with echoes of the past, a "magic wand" will do. In most cases, it's easier to start building from scratch, as restoring an old one is a difficult process. Today's informative forum brings you Midvale Courtyard House, a project by Bruns Architecture, located in Madison, Wisconsin. It is a residence that perfectly blends in with the landscape and has several exterior rooms. Before the restoration began, the idea seemed unfeasible.

A green flowerbed in front of the house's main entrance
A relaxing nook in the patio
Interior design of the living room: a closed stone fireplace
Living room interior design
Kitchen interior design
Interior bedroom design
Bathroom interior design
The exterior of the house before the renovation
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  1. Clementine

    What elements or design features make the Midvale Courtyard House unique or different from typical Wisconsin architecture?

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