Private Penthouse N.B.K. Residence – a gem of Middle Eastern architecture, Beirut

N.B.K. Private Pool Residence
The interior of the living room of the N.B.K. Residence
The panoramic windows of the N.B.K. Residence

Both wood paneling and sophisticated metalwork are used in the home.

The ceiling in the library has a very interesting shape. In an effort to hide the air conditioning and other ventilation equipment housings, the architects made it look like a radio receiver hovering over our heads.

N.B.K. Private House Flooring Residence
The exterior of the N.B.K. Residence
N.B.K. Residence floor plan. Residence by DW5 Design Studio

We would like to underline that this unusual project was created by the architects DW5 Design Studio.

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  1. Rhiannon

    What are some unique architectural features that make the Private Penthouse N.B.K. Residence stand out among other Middle Eastern buildings in Beirut?

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