A samurai’s dream: a house to die in – a philosophical project by EASTERN Architecture Studio

This house has a tragic and mysterious history. EASTERN Architecture Studio was approached by a client who wanted to build a house in which he could…die. In fact, it is quite characteristic of the homeland of the samurai – to prepare for eternal rest in one's lifetime. But what came out of it all? Does the "House of Death" really exist?? This post on a popular forum will lift the veil of mystery.

Home design for a samurai

The designers developed the design from scratch. In order to create panoramic view of the sea, had to build a massive concrete foundation. On the first floor are the kitchen, bathroom and study, while on the second floor is the living room, aka – the "death room".

In addition to flawless technical execution, this home has a hidden philosophical meaning. The shape of the windows repeats the pattern on the wings of a Sarpedon graffia. This beautiful and delicate butterfly has a weakness for fall, so it is considered the harbinger of demise.

Samurai house design
Samurai house design

The desolate location, the asymmetric design and the dark colors – the project looks really funereal and somber. But this house has a striking architectural secret. The shape of the living room is calculated in such a way that from its different corners the sea and the sky look different!

From some angles you can see just the sky, from other angles just the water, and moving around the room you can see many amazing sunsets in one single evening. In the face of death, Eastern philosophy urges to appreciate the beauty of each day lived!

Home Design for a Samurai
Samurai house design
The plan diagram of a house for a samurai
Scheme of a butterfly wings
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