Stunning design for a cantilevered country house on a challenging site

The Grands Jardins concept house is located at Petite-Rivière-St-François in the Charlevoix region, a ski resort in the province of Québec, Canada. This private residence provides a cozy refuge from the cold and is located near the ski elevator on a forested rocky hillside with amazing views over the St. Lawrence River. Laurentia.

One of the main advantages of the project Forum-Grad saw competent positioning of the site, which allowed to take maximum advantage of the seclusion of the site at the dominant height.

The house is oriented at a low angle to the street in order to emphasise the magnificent panorama which can be seen from the southern windows. Because of the undulating topography, only part of the building is visible from the roadway, while on the opposite side the three stories stand out in all their glory.

The second part of Des Grands Jardins Mansion
The natural surroundings of Des Grands Jardins
An interesting structure of the panoramic windows of Des Grands Jardins

A contemporary development that stands out for its bold, dizzying shape. Wood paving leads to a parking lot and adds an airy feel to the structure. The top floor seems to soar upwards while the huge overhanging console, the climax of the building, appears to float in a state of weightlessness thanks to its reinforced steel structure.

The modern kitchen at Des Grands Jardins
The wooden stairs to the second floor of Des Grands Jardins
The long corridors of the second floor of Des Grands Jardins
Interesting bathroom location at Des Grands Jardins
The bathroom of Des Grands Jardins combines dark and light colors beautifully
A detailed plan of the first floor of Des Grands Jardins

The main entrance is above, with ample closet space for clothes and gear. There is also a multi-purpose room with an original fireplace, a children's room and a bedroom with a bathroom. A cedar staircase leads you up into a light-filled space, like a kitchen-dining room and living room. Panoramic windows on three sides offer a sweeping view of the picturesque surroundings.

The concrete floor gives an unobtrusive loft feel while the wooden details soften the deliberate ruggedness of the silhouette.

Sketch of the first floor rooms of Des Grands Jardins mansion
Sketch of the split blocks of Des Grands Jardins mansion
Detailed sketch of the staircases of Des Grands Jardins
Full floor plan of Des Grands Jardins

The house is designed in the style of a modern Scandinavian villa and vividly complements the surrounding landscape. The architectural extremism is compensated by the successful combination of innovative solutions and natural materials.

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