Stunning vacation villa project – take a break from worries in style and luxury

Vista Alegre facade
Living Room Interior Design

All work and living areas of the mansion (including the professional kitchen, four bedrooms and the open-plan living room) meet the highest standards and requirements.

Plot at the residence
Living room area with white furniture

Architects and designers have created unique amenities that will make your vacation unforgettable!

Pool area

Outside there is a large terrace with barbecue, open kitchen and dining area, several additional terraces, a garden with swimming pool, offering a breathtaking view of the peninsula coastline and the turquoise Mediterranean Sea.

White interior living room with dining area
Wood in the interior of a private residence

This chic four bedroom, five bathroom apartment has a total floor area of 529m2 and a plot of land measuring 1,700 m2 On Ibiza's sunny coastline.

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