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Look elegant and harmonious, regardless of age, environment, help norms of combinations of colors, clothing elements in the image. There are rules that remain unchanged for centuries, while others do not correspond to modern fashion trends. The recommendations of famous clothing designers will help you revise the basic wardrobe, become a fashionable and stylish girl.

The combination of colors in clothes

Until recently, it was unacceptable to use several saturated tones at the same time in an image. Recent fashion trends show that this style rule is no longer adhered to..

Designers advise adding unexpected elements to the main set of the image (outfit), combining previously forbidden colors.

Red and all shades of pink

Red and pink in clothes

The combination of these tones was recently considered a complete bad taste. Now, if you choose the right shades and correctly combine them in the image, you can look original, fresh. For example, under a bright red evening dress, shoes, a clutch of any shade, ranging from pale pink to fuchsia, are ideal. Complete the look with hair accessories of the same tone..

Dark blue and black

Dark blue and black

The simultaneous use of these colors in the image looks grim, so they were considered incompatible. Everything changed when in 2012 Gucci, Prada fashion houses broke the rule by presenting clothes in such colors on the world catwalks. The image will look elegant if, for example, you wear black opaque tights under a dress in a rich dark blue shade. A navy scarf, handbag and belt will make accents.

Brown and black

Black and brown color combinations in clothes

Another combination, which, due to the small contrast between tones, is not recommended for use in the image. Feel free to violate this rule if the brown is saturated or light shades. Strictly, look looks stylish from a black turtleneck, the same tights and a brown skirt.

An elegant look is obtained from a black suit with a chocolate blouse, shoes, a belt.

White clothes and shoes in winter

White clothes in winter

With the onset of cold weather, the sun appears less often, but you can lighten the mood with a bright outfit. Fashion shows confirm the relevance of white in the winter, but pay attention to the composition of the fabric. Linen, cotton do not warm, therefore they are good only for warm weather. For frosty days, choose cashmere or mohair, wool, silk or leather. An outfit of such materials will look fresh, modern. White winter shoes made of leather or suede are also in trend.

Mixed prints

Mixed prints

If you think that it is impossible to combine a blouse with an ornament and a polka dot skirt, in vain. Fashion designers have found a way to combine mixed prints. Take a leopard strap, the same color handbag and shoes. This technique gives the clothes a street style. The resulting look looks elegant, fashionable..

Using leopard accessories, you can combine any mixed patterns..

Wear gold and silver at the same time

Gold and silver at the same time

The combination of two metals in jewelry is a bad tone, but if you do it right, the image will not lose harmony. Stylists advise folding bracelets of different widths and shades. Do the same with rings: combine several thick and thin layers of silver and gold. Add some pink metal to look natural.

Maxi and midi skirts for short girls

Maxi and midi for short women

Long outfits do not always make miniature beauties lower. It is important to choose the right style. Long skirts of strict cut without wide folds and layers visually stretch the figure. Wear a tight-fitting top or tucked-in t-shirt under maxi. A short leather jacket or a small fitted jacket, high-heeled shoes will harmoniously complement the look..

Midi skirt will help to become a fashionable girl in retro style.

She is below the knee, but above the ankle. If the proportions of the figure are correct, feel free to choose a slightly flared option. In combination with a high heel and a tight-fitting top, the image will be refined, elegant.

The horizontal strip visually makes the woman fatter

Horizontal stripes in clothes.

This statement is relevant if clothing fits lush forms and shimmers. In other cases, things sit and look different. For example, a Breton shirt made of cotton (in the past an element of the wardrobe of sailors), tucked in dark jeans, adds gloss to the image and slightly enlarges the chest. A horizontal striped skirt will help reduce the waist, which will visually increase the volume of the hips.

Faux Fur and Leather – Moveton

Faux leather and fur

More recently, clothing made from such materials indicated a low social status of the owner. Now substitutes for fur and leather are sometimes difficult to distinguish from natural ones. The highlight of the outfit can be a fur coat or mantle of faux fur, and a jacket or jacket made of eco-leather will harmoniously complement the street style. A convincing argument when choosing such products is the confidence that animals were not harmed when sewing fashionable clothes..

Gumshoes – gym shoes

Outfits with sneakers

Stylish sneakers are useful not only for jogging, training. As you can see from the latest fashion shows, they can be worn under jeans, leather pants or a smooth skirt..

Sports shoes make the image modern, but do not forget to dress correctly: classic business style with a pair of sneakers should not be diluted.

Dresses and pants in one ensemble

Dress and pants in one ensemble

This was previously unacceptable. Now, when choosing such a kit, the main thing is not to overdo it. Fabrics should be combined in texture, style. Do not wear flared pants under a knitted dress. Leather leggings complete with a soaring midi-length chiffon or skinny jeans for a light mini dress.

Red lipstick for evening makeup

Red lipstick

Brightly scarlet lip gloss in the daytime was recently considered vulgar. Girls were limited to neutral beige tones. Now red lipstick is used for daytime makeup to emphasize the beauty of the lips or complement the created image. If you choose this color, the rest of the cosmetics should be kept in calmer colors.

Sweatpants – an element of home wear


Stylists are willing to argue with this rule. In their opinion, this part of the costume goes well with ballet flats or heels, as well as with a loose jacket.

The main condition is that sweatpants should fit the figure well..

Glittering cloth is not worn during the day.

Shiny clothes

This is true if most of the image consists of iridescent details. For example, a long sparkling dress. The appropriate combinations for the day are a fashionable skirt embroidered with beads with a white shirt or sequin trousers and a gray crew-neck sweatshirt. Throw a black jacket on top. The image will look stylish, modern, if you add a suitable manicure, hairstyle and makeup.

Taboo short skirts after 40

Short skirts

There are reasons for this style rule. Few women boast taut, slender legs after 40 years. The status of a married woman with children or even grandchildren is also not combined with the image in a mini skirt. If, in length, style, the product is in harmony with the figure of the owner, this option is acceptable.

A short skirt should be combined with other details of the image, be appropriate in a specific situation.

Sandals don’t put on socks (and sandals on tights!)

Sandals on socks

This rule of style has long been untouchable in fashion circles, but it does not last forever. Since 2015, designers are increasingly using such combinations in images. The color of the socks should contrast with the shade of the shoe, but be combined with the basic tone of the image. Options such as pantyhose sandals, socks with open summer slippers and jeans or a light skirt are no longer considered bad manners..

High-waisted trousers upset the figure

High Waist Pants

They do not always emphasize flaws. To look harmonious, choose a tight-fitting straight trouser model that extends to the ankles. They visually lengthen the lower body, so you will appear taller. Fashionable jeans or simple black high-waisted trousers enhance this effect..

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