Stylish minimalism in the conceptual design of the elite country house

Brazilian architects tandem Studio MK27& Lair Reis recently realized in Sao Paulo, Brazil, a revolutionary project The P House that expressed their vision of modern architecture. Basically, it is an original interpretation of the iconic ideas of the famous Le Corbusier.

The torch of progressive thinking is slowly drifting to the South American continent when Brazilian firm Studio MK27 and Lair Reis unveil a unique modern home design that incorporates all the revolutionary technologies currently on the market.

"The P House" is a kind of three-dimensional puzzle. The dynamic rotation of the independent spaces around a common focal point creates an unforgettably surreal atmosphere.

The house, about which Forum-Grad will tell, is located on the banks of the river Pinheiros, in the densely populated area of Morumbi, Sao Paulo, Brazil. On a blossoming hilltop, you see a valley filled with buildings; across the hillside, on the next hill, are the skyscrapers of the downtown area.

The beautiful combination of the fine caged bamboo product with the concrete slabs of The P House mansion
The P House Mansion is surrounded by greenery
The open first floor of The P House blends completely with nature
Interesting combination of pleasant colors of furniture with the ceiling of "The P House" mansion
Work desk in the living room of The P House mansion
The P House Mansion's beautiful dining table blends beautifully with the interior
Beautiful three-dimensional structure of the house "The P House"
The P House Mansion's subtle bedroom colors
The P House Utility Room
A beautiful view of the third floor of The P House
Evening view of transparent walls adds sophistication to The P House
A beautiful view from the second floor of The P House

All bearing elements are cast in monolithic reinforced concrete, living rooms are equipped with sliding wooden blinds that control the light.

In the garden you can fully experience the intersection of vectors and accentuated interactions – just look around and the disparate awkward boxes magically transform into a laconic stylish whole.

Detailed layout of the front of "The P House" mansion
Sketch of the structural elements of "The P House" mansion
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