Sycamore concept house by Kovac Architecs in California

Sycamore Designer Home by Kovac Architecs - Photo 1

The seamless integration of environmental systems into the structure of the home and the dominance of natural materials made it one of California's first candidates for Platinum certification from the USGBC LEED for Home Program.

The name of the modern California mansion was given by the three magnificent trees on the property, which originally attracted Kovacs as a permanent residence. The simple geometry and maximum stability of the house are due to the uneven terrain.

Sycamore designer home by Kovac Architecs - Photo 3

The thermal mass of the mansion allows the temperature of the air to be regulated, while its vertical structure improves natural ventilation, both of which help move warm air to the upper windows and trap cold currents below.

Solar panels fully power the space, and a green roof improves the home's insulation and reduces stormwater runoff.

The desire of architects to create an eco-house is not just outside the bounds of design in the usual sense, but is an expression of the philosophy of harmonious coexistence of modern man with the natural environment.

Designer home Sycamore by Kovac Architecs - Photo 5
Designer home Sycamore by Kovac Architecs - Photo 7
Designer Sycamore House by Kovac Architecs - Photo 9
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