Solar Sycamore house in the company of sycamores: an ecological attitude toward space by Kovac Architects, California

Sycamore House design

To respect the sycamore tree, the designers of this project made the exterior wall of the building to match each smooth curve of this majestic representative of “green world”. The house even has a name connected to these beautiful trees “sycamore”and means “sycamore”.

Sycamore House design

Recreation rooms are on the top floor. All of them are extremely spacious and literally infused with fresh air. The interior is decorated in the spirit of Art Nouveau.

75% of the building materials used to build Sycamore House are recycled materials. And when you need it, the building can be taken apart, which shows once again: an eco-friendly house can be beautiful, mobile and modern!

The modern interior of Sycamore House
The modern interior of Sycamore House
Sycamore House modern interior
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  1. Finley

    This article about the Solar Sycamore house and its ecological approach to space by Kovac Architects in California is fascinating! I’m curious to know more about the specific features that make it eco-friendly and the impact it has on its surrounding sycamores. How does the house incorporate solar technologies? How does it interact with the sycamores, and what steps did the architects take to ensure their preservation?

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