The austere luxury of Colombia’s AR House residence by Campuzano Architects, Bogotá, Colombia

We offer visitors of our popular forum to get acquainted with the interiors of the cabin on the mountainside. Campuzano Architects completed their next project in 2012, called AR House. It's a 600 square meter mansion not far from Bogotá.

The authors of the idea had to solve a problem with a slight slope of the ground. As a result, from the roadside it looks like a small one-story house. In fact, it is a three-level building with a courtyard and swimming pool, around which the living space is organized.

Interior Design

Living room

Strict minimalist style The interior is perfectly complemented by panoramic windows through which you can observe the beauty of the surrounding scenery.

Interior Design

Stylish modern fireplace

For a large company is designed and A spacious living room with a fireplace, Which in its current design does not lose anything in terms of functionality.

Interior Design

Stairs from the courtyard to the terrace

Interior Design

Side view

On the whole, this design of the house allowed to create luxurious modern design and protecting residents from the constant strong winds that prevail in the area.

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