The beautiful The Green House – a true sustainable home

On the resource Beautiful Country House has repeatedly discussed the creation of structures using environmental technology. Here today, we reveal The Green House, which was built in 2012 by Hiren Patel Architects of India. The house is located in Ahmedabad, India.

Care for the environment is the guiding principle of this magnificent architectural project – this building combines the best of technology and architecture.

The Green House is an eco-friendly, energy-efficient red brick mansion
Interior design for The Green House mansion

A gentle entrance leads us into a small living room, which is combined with the common room via a dining area called "Buddha Court". All of these spaces together can be used as a single prayer room. Two bedrooms and a music room are also on the first floor, while the first floor contains a nursery, gymnasium and a large outdoor terrace.

The bedrooms have raised ceilings, increasing the natural light in the room. During construction, preference was given to locally available materials that are not harmful to the workers involved in the erection and finishing of the house.

Interior design of The Green House
The Green House interior design
Eco-friendly energy-saving red brick mansion The Green House
Schematic diagram of the ecological house The Green House
A schematic diagram of the green house The Green House
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