The cottage –a gallery with a touch of style by Val de Saône Bâtiment, Macon, France

Located in France. The owners wanted to create a welcoming home that would combine a unique energetic style with an environment that is comfortable for all of its residents. Look closely to this project, dear readers of Forum City, perhaps the elements of the proposed design will help you transform your home.

Pool design with a small waterfall
Kids sitting area by the pool
Modern kitchen with integrated appliances
Black dining table with bright orange chairs
Living room interior

The living space contains three bedrooms for children, each including a separate bathroom. Posh adult bedroom updated with cutting-edge design.

Nice built-in walk-in closet and bathroom. Modern bedroom windows offer a majestic view over a large terrace of approximately 76 m2, which has been completely renovated. A mansion with a beautiful swimming pool.

Pastel-colored bedroom with unusual chandelier
Bathroom with apple green accessories
Outside view of the house and yard
Living room with bright apple-colored accessories
Black armchairs with high backs
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