The epitome of modern design: the stunning VILLA DI GIOIA by Pedone Working, Italy

Modern design of VILLA DI GIOIA in Italy
Modern design of VILLA DI GIOIA in Italy

According to the architect, the first floor of the house has an articulated volume pointing upwards, creating a beautiful tower that overlooks the central courtyard. The L-shaped top floor is more compact and comfortable and will perfectly suit the sleeping area. The front of the house looks like a glass box with a metal lid. All the colors of this area are reflected in the luxurious pool below. VILLA DI GIOIA has a patio. This is where the entrance to the living room is located. It is designed as an open space and has a wonderful view over the garden, thanks to the glass walls. Other rooms, including the kitchen, can also be seen from here. And an open staircase leads to an upstairs bedroom.

Living room interior in VILLA DI GIOIA in Italy
The contemporary design of VILLA DI GIOIA in Italy
VILLA DI GIOIA modern design in Italy

Courtesy photos Sergio Camplone.

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