The –wonderful T House by Tanju Özelg in Istanbul, Turkey is the epitome of luxury and taste

Welcome to Forum City. We present to your attention another creation of the famous designer called T House. Laborious work resulted in a conceptual living space that delighted with its color schemes and interior details. Refinement gives the masterpieces of modern art – abstract paintings, human sculptures.

T House Living Room
T House interior design
Interior design of the house T House
T House Dining Area
T House interior design
T House interior design
The bedroom in the T House
Bathroom design in T House
Bathroom design in the T House
T House Interior Design

The house looks rich and stylish. The palette chosen makes the house stand out. We won't find any excessive pretentiousness or bright colors, on the contrary, everything is executed in strict tones. But the rooms don't seem too dark. Despite the considerable amount of black and gray colors in the furniture, white ceilings and some walls visually expand and brighten the rooms. The brown parquet softens the austerity, as does the warm lighting, which can be seen in the pictures.

As for the materials used in the construction, the priority was given to Turkish stone, marble, and in addition the use of glass. The roughness of the walls and the smoothness of the table in the living room are really unforgettable. The natural wood floor is another advantage of the house, which gives it the necessary comfort. The rare and unusual combination of so many different textures gives the feeling of something innovative.

Photos and information provided by Tanju Ozelgin architectural firm. Location – Istanbul, Turkey.

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