The interchangeability of House in Itami details by Tato Architects is a multi-level puzzle

House in Itami by Tato Architects is located in a densely populated urban area of Japan. The design details of this house, such as the stairs, laundry room, closets, handrails, and toilets are veiled by Home décor. The only exception is the flooring.

In this way, the meanings of architectural concepts and furniture mix and become interchangeable.

In this original way, the architects tried to create more freedom in the space than if they were simply placed and randomly used. Especially for the readers of online magazine Beautiful Country House excursion on the cascading organization of rooms with deceptive visual simplicity and minimalism in the national spirit of the Japanese!

The dining room has a ceiling height of 3,776 mm (approximately 4 m), which is necessary so that the space under the stairs can be used as an additional routing opportunity. Made it extremely subtle. The remaining levels were divided as follows: lower level – 1880 mm and upper level – 1850 mm, (just under 2 m). Although these are pretty tough dimensions, you'll be able to walk through without bumping your head against the ceiling.

A section of a house in Itami

The site is at the back of a narrow, blind alley, which limited access for construction equipment. It is difficult to imagine the amount of work done without listing the types of finishes, such as 100 mm × 100 m steel sections for columns and beams, round bars, 75 mm boards for floor construction. However, as a result of the reduction in steel materials, the total cost of construction was about the same as that of erecting a wooden house.

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