The subdued fall colors of the interior of the Geo Metria mansion in Tokyo by Mount Fuji Architects Studio

Facade of a Geo Metria private home in Tokyo

Lack of familiar European comfort is made up for with true Asian charm. It's easy to trace the desire for functional modesty. Extremely open space respects the climate and invites a silent dialogue with nature.

Geo Metria private home's main entrance
Geo Metria private home interior design
A book shelf in a Geo Metria home
A bookcase in the Geo Metria house
Shelving for books in a Geo Metria house
Glazing of the facade of a private home by Geo Metria
The Geo Metria private home lighting system
Facade of Geo Metria private house
Geo Metria Private Home
Private home floor planGeo Metria


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