Writing Studio House by Andrew Berman Architect – the beauty of the natural surroundings within walking distance, New York, USA

In the United States, in New York there is a unique building – Writing Studio, about which the creative forum will now tell you.

The customer's idea was that the structure would be located on the homestead in the thickest of the trees.

Writing Studio home in New York, USA

The house, although it looks more like a house-cabinet, should be sheltered by nature from prying eyes, but that it is easy to reach, just walking along the path and admiring the beauty of the surrounding nature. The nature was also thought over by the designers and complemented by white pine and red maple trees, which perfectly match the shiny copper surface.

Writing Studio House in New York, USA

The study house is fully paneled in copper and measures 140 sq. ft.km. The original facade of this East Malvern Residence features a large wooden frame with glass embedded, making it look like a window into the forest.

Writing Studio House in New York, USA

The study itself is trapezoidal and cantilevered, allowing for a beautiful patio directly below the study.

The Writing Studio home in New York, USA

At the point where the cantilevered part of the building connects with the classical part, the roof consists of a glass surface. This allows natural light to completely cover the inside of the house.

Writing Studio home in New York, USA

The interior design is considered to the limit of rigor. The furniture is made up of the most essential pieces to make working a pleasure – a walnut Mario Bellini table and a Charles and Ray Eames chair. And with two ottoman chairs it's not a shame to have guests in such an environment.

Writing Studio Studio House in New York, NY, USA
The Writing Studio house in New York, USA

Stylish interior design is helped by the walls and ceiling, which have a smooth sloping surface. The foliage of the trees, which can be seen from the huge window, seems to be an extension of the study itself, which makes the home environment lively and relaxing.

Courtesy of Andrew Berman Architect.

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  1. Teagan

    The Writing Studio House by Andrew Berman Architect seems to have a beautiful integration with its natural surroundings in New York. I’m curious to know, what specific features of the natural surroundings can be enjoyed within walking distance from the house?

  2. Sage

    This house by Andrew Berman Architect seems to seamlessly blend into its natural surroundings. I’m curious to know how the architect incorporated elements of nature and greenery into the design. Did they consider any specific environmental factors while building this house?

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