Exquisite celebration embodied in Peregian House by Middap Ditchfield Architects

Today mankind is becoming more and more ecologically conscious, which has spurred the rapid development of eco-building. Modern energy-efficient housing features both environmental safety and interior sophistication. In our new article, we take a closer look at the functionality and design of the elegant Houses by the sea – Peregian House.

Peregian House private residence design

The natural materials used in the construction are wood, glass, etc. . Also adopted modern systems, allowing to reduce the consumption of electricity and other resources. It's a reuse of water for domestic use, the use of natural light.

The design of the private residence Peregian House

Wooden terrace Enclosed by a glass partition, has an expansive space. Here you can relax, enjoying the view of the area, to arrange the holidays in the open air.

The design of a private residence Peregian House

A luxurious living room arranged in natural warm hues, snow-white sofas decorated with original accents, and open space creates harmony in the overall background. Materials and textures, neighborhood views form a cozy unison. Free design promotes natural ventilation, does not block the view, and a large sliding door gives room for fresh sea air.

Peregian House private residence design

Modern furniture for the dining room Looks beautiful against the general background. The layout utilized a consolidation of the primary area, giving you the opportunity to build consonance between the individual areas. The dark wood table looks aesthetically pleasing on the light floor, and the combination is completed by chic chairs.

Peregian House private residence design

Spotlights are used throughout the house built-in lighting fixtures, which give a soft and diffused light, they help to reduce electricity costs.

Peregian House private residence bathroom interior design

Beautiful bathroom interior Has a smooth and warm shade of marble tiles, on which elegantly looks snow-white bathtub.
The sea view and the delightful landscape evoke a sense of ease and relaxation. The home was designed by Middap Ditchfield Architects, who opened up the layout as much as possible to the view of the area, while creating a setting inside that is imbued with understated chic.

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