The spectacular spiral structure of the residence designed by Petar Miskovic and Wanja Rister

White facade of a private villa

The residence was constructed on a scenic property that occupies part of the hilltop overlooking the city center. The southern slope of the hill offers incredible views of the harbor facilities, the bay, the many islands and the mountains in the distance.

A palm tree on a country estate
Unusual windows in the house
Country Home Layout
Country home planning
Country house layout
Layout of a country house

The interior of the house is all about interaction with the outdoors. Panoramic windows and full-length glazed doors allow natural light to enter and create the illusion of a single space.

A beautiful view from the windows of a private house
Designer armchair in home library
Tropical plants in the landscape design

The Villa residence's main feature is its striking structure, which is a continuous series of multilevel volumes. This architectural solution allowed to form a unique and unlike anything else living space for the client's family.

Photo: Robert Les.

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