A few simple ways to quickly change your home design for the better

The design of a forest home

For insulation, the roof was sheathed over the rafters with sheets of maple plywood. It has become not only an important functional feature of the structure, but also an original element of the interior.

This prevents condensation from forming on the surface of the building frame, and also hides the joints between the different materials. Of course, seams will shrink and expand depending on exposure to the environment.

It is undeniable that the insulation located on the outside of the building is more advantageous to insulate the house. However, this increases the thickness of the walls and roof, which not only makes the structure heavier, but also has a negative impact on the appearance of the structure and, as a consequence, – on the mood of the occupants.

In addition, the open design of the house allows you to create a wonderful and unique image, which in a favorable climate will be especially relevant.

Private Home Interior Design


Not everyone will like to live in an overly simple, informal house. The frame of this building is attractive precisely for its austere, uniform appearance. Only top-quality solid wood was used here, without knots, cracks or other flaws, and entirely identical in texture and color. The perfectly flat finish looks exquisite in its own way.

A minimum amount of furniture creates a sense of freedom and emphasizes the scale of the structure. Plywood wall cladding performs the function of thermal insulation and gives the interior comfort, making combination of colors in the interior More lively and inviting.

Interior design of private homes

Color scheme

Here's another example of the extensive use of natural finishes combined with a display of building structures. The rafters, the structural basis of the entire roof, are exposed here. Instead of a traditional ceiling in this room – tongue-and-groove boarding. Thermal insulation in this case is laid on top of the floors, directly under the roof. The result is a very pretty interior, with the warm texture of the wood adding a special cozy touch.

The architect not only gave the room a roof structure, but also changed the colors of the room, breaking with the classic stereotype of the floor being dark, the walls light and the ceiling neutral.

Open ceiling construction has another design advantage. It gives the room an unusual, individual look thanks to the expressiveness of the texture, but is much less demanding in terms of maintenance than open walls. Partially open structure (either walls or the ceiling) is especially good for small rooms – it will not only give the interior a unique feature, but also visually enlarges the room.

Interior design of a private house

Historical details

Often in the process of repair, designers seek to get rid of old structural elements, replacing them with new. However, if you integrate the old slabs, wall cladding and ceiling rafters into the new setting, you can get an unusual, stylish, unique interior, flavored with the spirit of history. Under the ceiling cladding can be hidden this expressive, reminiscent of the stairs slab.

Opening the ceiling structures can not only transform the interior but also prolong the life of the ceiling, providing ventilation and easy access for cleaning surfaces. Old wooden elements, creating an extraordinary comfort, as well as patinated metal parts create a truly original, filled with deep meaning interior.

Home interior design

Connection of interior and exterior

Did you see how the roof rafters nicely unify the space inside the house and the porch??

This visual connection not only underscores the integrity of the architectural concept, but also visually enlarges the room. The color scheme emphasizes the unity of the interior and exterior of the house and gives special expressiveness to the appearance.

Interior design of a private home


Give your home an interior dynamic look! The feeling of movement is best conveyed by a certain rhythm created by the alternation of geometrically clear elements. One ––option is to make part of the ceiling disappear by opening the supporting structures.

The space between the rafters, which should preferably be treated with a special wood preservative, creates the illusion of movement. Proper lighting can enhance the effect.

Home interior design

Even more lightness to your home with an open roof structure and a high, vaulted ceiling. Paint the rafters white, and you'll see how much freer and more positive it will look like the room.

Decorating a large window And small decorative and interior items – additional means that will help you to create an effect of airiness and weightlessness.

Interior design of private homes


Staircase design is an important element in home design. They should be not only beautiful, but also safe, especially if there are children in the house. One option that will allow you to combine aesthetics and functionality, – is the installation of protective panels instead of the usual railing. This smooth wood staircase fence with translucent material inserts on the one hand ensures total safety even for those just learning to use stairs and on the other hand – elegantly enhances the rhythm and expressiveness of the staircase steps.

Interior design of a private home
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