Gorgeous Radman Brown House cottage by Guy Herschell Architects, Richmond, New Zealand

Greetings from the portal A beautiful country house. Today I will tell you about a unique luxury mansion designed by Guy Herschell Architects. Set against a backdrop of beautiful landscaping that gives it even more glamour. After all, living in an area like this is – a dream for everyone.

The facade of the Radman Brown House in the color of rusty steel

It's a modern eco-construction that's hardly dependent on utilities, though they're appropriate, too. The creators tried to make every effort, what would have turned out naturally and comfortably.

Large windows in the Radman Brown House

A highly original version with sliding glass doors. In the open position they allow you to almost completely open up the first floor. On cold evenings, even when closed, do not interfere with the beautiful view of the local nature.

Sliding glass doors at Radman Brown House

The interior design is made in warm colors, but with the addition of bright accents. The stylishly designed living room is a great place to hang out, watch TV or just relax.

Bright accents in the interior of Radman Brown House
Dark kitchen interior design

The skylights let in a lot of daylight. In addition, this layout option looks original and creative.

Radman Brown House Porch Terrace

This home looks even more beautiful at twilight. For privacy, the glazing areas are blinded.

Radman Brown House by Guy Herschell Architects

The modern interior, the naturalness of the materials used in the construction, allow you to call it an eco-house. But comfort, surrounded by such a beautiful landscape also gives it luxury and chic.

Radman Brown House mansion floor plan

Photos courtesy of Guy Herschell Architects.

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