Luxury interior design of a remarkable K-house designed by Arbejazz Studio, Tel Aviv

The K House – is a two-story row structure in Tel Aviv. It was built in the early 50's by the working class with low wages and a rudimentary social ideology. The structure is now completely renovated, thanks to Arbejazz Studio.

Readers Beautiful country home Sad to say, the house is in a suburb of Tel Aviv and was built according to the new scheme for row houses. As a result, all apartments in it have been enlarged in square meters and total about 65 square meters for one floor and 200 square meters for both levels, counting the pitched roof.

House K private home facade

The first floor contains an office, which is equipped with an articulated staircase that leads to the second level. The guest area here is equipped with a kitchen finished in wood and a lantern located on the tiled ceiling.

Playground at House K
Round windows in House K
Round windows at House K
Glass patio doors
Modern Kitchen Interior Design
Wooden kitchen furniture
The ceiling at House K
Stairs to the second floor
Wooden staircase railings
The workplace in the House K
Workroom organization under the stairs
White bedroom interior at House K
Bathroom Interior Design
Home Office at House K
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