Gorgeous eclectic design for a multi-faceted villa designed by Sharon Weiser in Tel Aviv

Today we offer readers of the popular portal to visit Israel and discuss the luxury of a modern villa. Located in the respectable and dynamic Gush Dan neighborhood. Design by Sharon Weiser.

Facade of modern villa in Tel Aviv

The architecture of the facade combines several styles at the same time, this also applies to the interior. The customer of the project likes to travel. He wished to furnish his home according to several interior and design trends.

Living room interior in light colors

The luxurious living room in fresh, warm colors looks very homely and comfortable. The combination of natural flooring, soft textures and an open floor plan forms an atmosphere of functionality and practicality.

Interior design kitchen

Several distinct areas are marked out in the combined area of the first floor. Kitchen and dining room in the house create a harmonious unison of classic and modern. White brick wall looks great. It is the perfect backdrop for the black worktops. The unusual combination of materials of the dining set looks luxurious: the top of light wood stands out against the darker chairs and the chalky legs of the table.

Interior design of a bedroom

The cozy bedroom is strikingly elegant and understated with a fresh Americana look . Calm, cool colors and natural textiles create a peaceful atmosphere, which is very important for a good rest. Additional chic adds a large area of glazing, opening up an amazing view of the street.

Modern bathroom interior design

The modern bathroom is equipped with expensive furniture and bathroom fixtures, with special attention to the natural light. A big window, mirror and light decoration create a feeling of lightness and freshness.

Window seating area

Plush upholstered sofas, a mix of cool and warm hues, and a variety of materials and styles shaped the stunning overall look of the luxurious modern villa.

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