Monumental Stone Gate: new design ideas from philosopher-artist Raffaello Galiotto, Verona, Italy

The Stone Gate by Raffaello Galiotto

New design ideas never cease to amaze and inspire. Take a look at the creative vision of a triumphal arch by young Italian artist Raffaello Galiotto.

At the time of the Roman Empire's flourishing, all over the world, where the Roman legionaries passed, triumphal arches made of multi-ton blocks were set up as a symbol of the firmness and eternity of the Empire.

The "stone gate" or Stone gate, which was designed by the talented Italian designer Raffaello Galiotto of the Lithos Design studio, was created for an exhibition called Società Gravity, which means "One hundred percent gravity" in Italian. The exhibition was held in Verona.

The stone gate is a unique construction consisting of a modular system of precisely processed stone rings that are tightened by four powerful steel cables. They are held together by compression force only, there is no mortar in the grooves. A 27,300 kg, 6.5 m long, multi-tonne installation3 The stone gate has an interior diameter of 3.8 m and a depth of 1.2 m.

The material from which the blocks of the Stone Gate are carved is called "bardiglio", a kind of natural marble with a bluish-gray shade with numerous veins. It is quarried in Italy in the old Serravezza quarries near Carrara. A little historical information: the walls of St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg are paved with bardillo marble.

Architect Raffaello Galiotto is known for his three-dimensional natural stone wall panels. He drew inspiration from natural reliefs, antique motifs and contemporary expressive graphics. Nowadays high-tech equipment allows to realize any fantasy of an artist and convey his idea.

Muri di Pietra's original partitions allow viewers to "see through the wall". The important difference is the modularity of the design, which fits perfectly in any room. Modules are made of four kinds of marble.

Talented designer Raffaello Galiotto makes extensive use of natural materials and implements non-standard solutions. Through daring experiments with unusual shapes, he creates outlandish exhibits, declaring to the world the originality of Italian design.

A stone gate by the designer Raffaello Galiotto
A stone gate by the designer Raffaello Galiotto
A stone gate from designer Raffaello Galiotto
The Stone Gate by the designer Raffaello Galiotto
Stone gate from designer Raffaello Galiotto
Stone doors from the designer Raffaello Galiotto
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