Original and laconic interior of a small house

Small House Interior: The Condition of the House Before Renovation
The interior of a small house: a modern TV area
Interior of a small house: the white range

835 square feet of interior space is not much room for the average Canadian home, so the architect's goal was to make the interior seem and feel roomier than it actually is.

For this they used special materials and colors that allowed them to add freshness and sensuality to the interior in addition to the main purpose.

Interior of a small house: expanding the interior space

The space was enlarged largely due to the glass wall that separates the courtyard from the living room. It makes the interior visually more spacious, while adding more natural light to the house.

Particularly nice to have such a wall in the winter, when snowy cold days and nights you can see all the splendor of the season, but at the same time the room is warm and cozy.

The interior of a small house: laminate flooring

The main gamma is done in white and gray shades. The floor is usually made of laminate or tile (bathroom). And we can't forget the wooden staircase, which, despite its age, faithfully serves its owners.

As a result of the repair it became even more beautiful and shiny, although no major changes have occurred.

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