The security of your home is a priority – a few simple steps will limit the possibilities of easy money-lovers

Mailbox at home

It's better to mount them on a post a little away from the house than on the fence. The reason for this is simple – then criminals will have no reason to approach the house and jump over the fence.

Car keys

Thorny plants on the property

Planting rosebushes or any other plants with thorns under the windows of the first floor will not only ennoble the lawn but will also discourage burglars from getting near them.


Metal lock

Sometimes a stranger may ask to come into your bathroom just to open the windows there, making it easier for themselves to continue to enter the home. So you should always check all locks and windows, even if the visitor was someone you trust.

The Master of Keys

Firewood storage shelves

If you live in a private home with wood heating, it's best to store firewood away from the house, such as in a modern garage. Otherwise, they will be convenient to get to the window.

Phone volume

Storage for valuables

Very often burglars do not enter children's rooms, believing that there is nothing to get “gain” so money and jewelry will be safe there.

Security agency stickers

Security agency sticker on window glass

Even if your home is not under security, it is worth sticking a warning sign on the windows. It may not fool experienced burglars, but first-time burglars will definitely reconsider breaking into a house like this.

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