Horizontal laminated timber for wall cladding – where to start?

Wood for the walls of different houses: White panels

Whitewashed panels from Architectural Digest

Wood in the walls of different houses: the light bathroom

Deco Estilo natural wood

The wood paneling on the walls of the different houses: A rustic motif

Rustic motifs in the interior by House Beautiful

Wood panelling is simple, clean and, depending on the material chosen, can be very affordable. When you choose this method of finishing, there is no need for a huge amount of artwork. In addition, any object, placed on the wall, will be advantageously emphasized by a monochrome, discreet background.
Note a few more options for plastic horizontal cladding. It might be just what you need.

Wood in the wall panelling of different houses: a rural atmosphere

Rustic flair from Design Manifest

Wood in the wall cladding of different houses: white cladding

White panelling from Kent Kitchen Works visually expands the space

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