30 amazing buildings with glass facades – see the scope of architectural genius!

Beautiful Glass Facade Country House

Traditional house with modern glass veranda

The old house was expanded during renovation for the dynamic lifestyle of a family that needed more space. New porch designed as a small annex with floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows.

Amazing glass facade of a country house in Dakar

Home in Dakar

Located on a hillside. The Atlantic Ocean is clearly visible from the windows. Villa Sow in Dakar was built in 2011, designed for a Senegalese businessman and his young family.

Longhi Architects' contemporary glass façade on a country house in Peru

Peru beach house by Longhi Architects

The glass annex was first reinforced with columnar foundation structures. Located in a setting of desert dunes and coastal cliffs on the Pacific coast, 117 kilometers from the Peruvian capital.

Magnificent design of a country house in California

California Home

Designed by renowned architect Kaufman of Palm Springs, California. Sliding windows make it possible to turn a glass annexe into a terrace.

Peerless glass façade on Russel Hill Road country house

Russel Hill Road

The renovation of the house has transformed the exterior. More spacious inside. The building visually merges with the natural environment.

Villa in Madrid with modern glass facade

Villa chalet in Madrid strikes the mind

Overlooking a large pool and reminiscent of a modern Swiss chalet. Makes a fantastic impression.

The beautiful exterior of Amanzi Country House in Thailand

Amanzi, Thailand

Luxury villa located on the beach near Original Vision Ltd.

Is the perfect home in paradise. Lots of terraces. Very interesting pool configuration.

The exterior of the Casa Spa country home

Casa Spa

Gives a great view of the ocean. The residence is the work of a Peruvian architectural firm.

The light colors of the interior are complemented by abundant sunlight that enters the rooms through the windows and glass sliding panels on the roof.

The exterior of a Tunisian residence

A residence in Tunisia

In the middle of a desolate landscape, an amazing home was built called Riverfront Residence.

Designed by Taylor Design + BUILD. The main purpose of the house was not only to overlook the spectacular desert landscape and blend in with it, but also to make good use of the surrounding resources and create a luxurious, energy-saving house in the heart of the desert.

One of the most important things to note is how the home depends on eco-friendly and environmentally friendly.

The modern glass facade of Georg Spreng's country house in Germany

Georg Spreng House in Germany by C18 Architects

A simple facade hides a luxurious studio. The atelier of a famous jewelry designer is also his home.

Huge windows with silver curtains all around emphasize its rigor and at the same time soften its shine.

The perfect glass facade on a Miami Beach residence

Miami Beach Residence

Modern hotel located in Miami Beach, Florida, USA. Multi level terraces and wide windows allow you to enjoy the panoramic views of the beautiful bay.

The beautiful glass facade of the country house

Contemporary glass can decorate an 18th century home

Talented and renowned architect Michael Wigginton restored an old 18th-century country house near London, extending the rooms with modern glass.

The beautiful exterior of an Israeli country house

A house with a brick facade in Israel

This modern minimalist house is built in a small rural community 20 minutes from Tel Aviv.

Glass front of a country house in Florida

White house in Florida

The house was built by the architects Touzet Studio and named North Bay Road Residence.

The best part is it's all white, from the façade to the interiors. The pearl effect is enhanced by the blue water in the pool and the surrounding greenery.

Amazing glass façade of a country house on an island in the United States

Country house on an island in the U.S

The main part of the house is an area with panoramic views of the Peconic Bay and the surrounding forest. A wonderful place to relax and recuperate.

The beautiful glass facade of a family villa in Hungary

Cozy family villa on the southern lake shore

Modern house on a beautiful plot on the southern shore of Lake Balaton, Hungary. It is a summer house which contains two separate apartments.

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