A minimalistic cottage with all walls facing the sun, or a creative project from Two in a Box-Architekten, Austria

Simplicity and unconventionality in architecture

Each floor has windows facing a different direction, allowing light to enter each room at different times of day

The house has four floors. Downstairs is the garage, upstairs are the bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchen, dining room and living room. The living floor, built on a slope, opens up to a garden and a summer kitchen. The façade of the house faces west and the south side of the house has an elongated swimming pool. The beautiful garden and clever landscaping delight your eye just by stepping into the courtyard or looking out the window.

Extraordinary design

The perfect clarity of lines is present both in the construction of the building and in the furnishings. The walls of the house are built from light shell rock, with the facades of the building –s smooth, but the ends are grooved. Very spacious and bright inside. This impression is created not only by the architectural features, but also by the minimalist design. Almost all the furniture in the house – tables, shelves, chairs – rectangular or square. The colors are classic: black, white, beige and dark brown. Very few materials were used: dark oak, natural stone, glass and leather. All these components fit together perfectly, harmoniously. Agree that this house – a true work of art!

Simple without being pretentious
Simplicity without frills
Simplicity without frills
A design for an unusual structure
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  1. Skylar

    What factors were taken into consideration when designing the minimalistic cottage, and how does it optimize the use of natural sunlight?

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