Modern house by Dietrich Untertrifaller Architekten, combining innovative design with an inviting atmosphere, Hard, Austria

Designing a sculptural home in Australia
Sculpture House Terrace in Australia
Design of a sculptural house in Australia

Their simple straight lines have become an integral part of modern design in the last decade or two, and this dwelling adheres to such rules, presenting an interesting textural and visual contrast. Raw concrete and glass walls were used, which combined with wooden slats on the outside blend perfectly.

A small living space, the kitchen and dining room are located on the lower level and are connected by a lush, green courtyard, while on the upper level are the bedrooms and bathrooms, there is a kind of quiet and private sanctuary. Elegant decor complements and enlivens the home, but most of all, the scenic view of the beautiful lake completes a quiet retreat.

Dining room sculptural house in Australia
Bathroom of a Sculpture House in Australia

A visitor can immediately see the spatial layout from the layout, which mimics the shape of the building from the outside.

Design of an Australian Sculpture House
Design of a sculptural house in Australia
The layout of a sculptural house in Australia

Modern Interior Design from Dietrich – Untertrifaller Architekten.

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