A whimsical play of shapes and spaces – a unique “smart” villa by Nestor Sandbank, Israel

Interior design of the living room

Three smaller ones, all lined up perpendicular to the main one – these are the teenagers' living quarters. They get library, bath, living room, balcony overlooking courtyard and pool. In this way, the architect ensured the privacy of all occupants. A transparent corridor connects the master living area with the living space for the younger members of the family. Impressive interior and exterior decoration.

Clean straight lines, flat walls, square and rectangular sofas, closets and chairs prevail in the decor and furnishings. And suddenly, a round pouffe, an oval coffee table, a shiny metal ball. Lots of handmade things here.

The advantage of a villa called a private cinema and all the latest technology. This clever home. What the Italian kitchen design by Armani Casa and the current lighting fixtures are all about!

Interesting Landscaping. Look at how the author has solved the problem of extensive landscaping of the large yard, how originally designed the swimming pool, and each modernist sculpture around you want to consider comprehensively. There's a garden with oranges, grapefruit, avocados, and lemon.

How do you think the house is extravagant??

The pool at the Ramot Hashavim residence
Ramot Hashavim corridor interior
Modern living room design
White spiral staircase
Interior design of a private residence Ramot Hashavim
A tall bookcase
Table tennis table on the terrace
Landscaping of the patio
The cobblestone pathway to the Ramot Hashavim residence
Walkway to Ramot Hashavim
Poolside loungers at Ramot Hashavim
The exterior of Ramot Hashavim
Lighting of Ramot Hashavim residence
Parking for cars at Ramot Hashavim
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