Charming M House family home by Bruce Stafford Architects amidst a riot of tropical greenery

This one A beautiful family home was designed by Bruce Stafford Architects. They have done everything possible to make the dwelling comfortable and modern. Despite the fact that the house is located on a small plot, the designers coped with this task, making the rooms as spacious as possible.

The open-air terrace in the courtyard of the M House family villa

The interior is dominated by white, which makes the rooms light and airy. It serves as the perfect backdrop for others Home Furnishings, made of natural materials. The light parquet and sofas upholstered in creamy linen give the interior a special warmth. The smooth, glossy surfaces of furniture in the kitchen and bathroom reflect the glow of the ceiling fixtures. And the large glass facades in the living room create an abundance of natural light during the day.

M House family villa living room interior design
M House family villa bathroom interior design


Photo courtesy of Bruce Stafford Architects.

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