Projects of houses with panoramic windows: a three-storey mansion in modernist style

Villa exterior on Orchard way

McLeod Bowell, who designed it, seamlessly blends in with its surroundings. The use of natural white stone makes the house seem like a natural extension of the hill it is built on.

Modern Living Room Interior Design

Designer looks for natural forms, simple lines and maximum transparency. Original pendant lights in the form of transparent balls give the open kitchen a surreal look, and modern appliances in high-tech style make it very functional. Large and bright, this kitchen will be a dream of any housewife.

Glass walls in the bedroom

The bathroom is perhaps the most stylish and, at first glance, challenging room in the house. Modern chrome faucets, no shelves or towel racks. The room is designed to fulfill its most important function – ablution and relaxation. Design – only light colors and nothing superfluous.

Interior design of a living room with a fireplace

You can go out onto the terrace through sliding glass doors. They make rooms look even bigger. You need only open the shutters to flood the room with the scent of the garden and the sound of the surf.

Villa exterior on Orchard way

The designer was concerned about the safety of the occupants, with built-in LEDs lighting up the dark paths of the garden.

Villa exterior on Orchard way

From the garage and driveway you can see the amazing seascape. At night, the lights of the big city illuminate the opposite shore. So no matter what time of year it is outside, the residents of this house will always enjoy the wonderful views.

Villa garage on Orchard way
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