Living on the edge: a house on a mountainside

The white facade of the house on the mountainside

A wide staircase as a harmonious architectural element leading from the pool to the top floor. On the roof, there is a sitting area with a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains and the sea.

The large cube of the main building seems to split up into smaller cubes that descend to the sea. This construction creates a seamless transition between the highest and lowest points of the architectural complex, visually reducing the size of the buildings.

The houses are located along a natural plateau and the focus of the design was on the roofs, which blend in seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. The staircases echo the rectangular shape of the buildings.

Repetitive elements dominate the layout: courtyards adjoining the living rooms, descending smoothly in step with the rock formations. The covered pergola protects against northerly winds and overlooks the living room and pool.

Light exterior of a house on a hillside - Picture 1
Concrete stairs to the upper terrace of a house on a hillside

Stairs to the upper terrace with pergola

A pleasant terrace with concrete decking in the house on the hillside

Pergola by the pool

Living room interior in white in a house on a hillside

Living Room

White outdoor daybeds in a house on the mountainside

What do you think of this combination of classic and modern architecture?? Give your feedback in the comments.

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