Architecture that makes you rethink your life: a philosophical project in a private residence

Living room interior design

The combination of the clear horizontal lines of the house and the pool and the ascending verticals of the huge pine trees complement each other beautifully. You get the illusion that it was not created by human hands but was designed by nature.

The pool in the courtyard of the Aroeira III House

"Incorporating the building into the surrounding landscape, the service buildings were placed in the basement, which is half-sunk in the natural elevation. There's a 2 car garage and storage rooms for utensils and equipment. The living areas on the upper floors are reached by a comfortable staircase.

Interior design of a kitchen with a panoramic window

In all living and auxiliary rooms, the main accent and decoration is the beautiful landscape behind the walls of the building. It is like a decorative frame, framed by huge windows and glass walls. So the man in the house is in constant visual contact with nature. It has a beneficial effect on the psyche.

Panoramic window of the Aroeira III House
Cantilevered wooden stairs to the second floor
Aroeira III House main entrance
The exterior of Aroeira III House in Portugal

Only a complex thoughtful approach to the design and construction of the building, careful attitude to the surrounding landscape can create a miracle and create such a wonderful residence for permanent residence.

Hopefully such projects will not exist in isolated examples. After all, each of us would like to live in harmony with ourselves and with nature. What do you think?

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