An envelope-shaped forest home designed by Japanese architects

A pleasure to meet visitors A beautiful country house. Many interesting buildings are built by architects, fulfilling the conditions of customers. In Japan they have created an unusual house in the form of an envelope, which is located on a mountainside among the forest.

Yamanashi used natural materials, mainly wood, to create the C2. It was designed by the designers of Curiosity Studios, which means curiosity.

The small structure, when viewed from the top of the hill, has a ceiling height of 6 meters in the hall. By taking advantage of the terrain, the authors created a cottage with all the necessary living space and even a balcony on the second floor. Wide windows let in light all day long.

The exterior of the Yamanashi C2 envelope house

As you get closer you can see that this is only the second floor. The first level rooms are located at the back of the hillside and overlook the other side. You can see the balcony through the glass door. The house in the woods is surrounded by natural surroundings with no artificial surroundings.

Sliding glass doors

The glass railing on the balcony is inconspicuous and the door leads directly to the trees.

Interior design of the living room in light colors

The first floor houses the kitchen, bar, sitting area, and a built-in closet in the niche.

C2 Yamanashi facade glazing

A balcony forms a canopy over a glass wall extending from the living room. White concrete blocks of the façade frame the structure and conceal the low plinth.

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  1. Oakley

    How does the envelope-shaped design of this forest home contribute to the overall functionality and aesthetic appeal of the space?

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