Civilization vs. traditionalism – an unusual American style house

The home was built in the late 1970s in the classic Southwestern style, which is known around the world for its beautiful Saltillo tile flooring, whitewashed mud brick walls, heavy beams and unusual stoves.

The mansion had a capacious square footage and a great layout, including two bedrooms with private bathrooms, two toilets, a living room, dining room and kitchen. It belongs to a couple who wanted to harmoniously combine old building elements with modern comforts for a comfortable and serene life.

Ethnic motifs in the living room design

The decorator placed a sofa and armchairs at the end of the room by the fireplace to create a cozy and informal space with rich and warm hues in the decor. The cushions are made of modern fabric with a unique motif and ethnic prints that are characteristic of the Southwest.

Bathroom design with Mexican tiles

The bathroom was styled in an attractive and evocative way. A concrete sink, unique ceramic tiles with a contrasting pattern, an oval mirror in a luxurious frame and two amazing light fixtures fill the home decor with special charm and aesthetics.

Turquoise wall surfaces blend beautifully with Mexican ornamentation, adding brightness and drama to the interior.

Fireplace with seating

A traditional banco fireplace with seating adds charm and sophistication to the décor. It was covered in red clay, which gave it an aesthetic appearance and allowed it to fit perfectly into the space of the mansion.

Bedroom Interior Design

The massive beams and wooden headboard have a heavy shade. Metal nightstands and pouffes soften their appearance. Lanterns hanging from the ceiling are sculptural accents in the space and sources of unparalleled lighting.

Original doorways

Doorways during the reconstruction of the mansion were left in the original design, their unusual pattern is reflected in the design of the headboard. A soft and cozy armchair with rounded backs and armrests is a striking feature of Southwestern design trend.

Chandler Prewitt's interesting home design in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, is a delightful engineering masterpiece. It has a great layout with lots of living and relaxing areas, beautiful Southwestern-inspired decor, unusual decoration with massive wooden beams, traditional fireplaces, and concise furnishings, all of which draw the public's attention and interest to this masterpiece.

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