Mystery, mystery, mystery: garden lights for the evening transformation of a familiar landscape

Original garden lamp

If desired, tree branches or the garden arbor can be decorated with burning candles. To do this, they are placed in glass containers (jars), the height of which is a few centimeters higher than the height of the candle flame. In addition, the handles of such lights should be made of wire and be long enough (at least 25 cm), so that the fire does not get on the branches and leaves of plants. Such lights can decorate a garden umbrella, attaching them to the spokes of the umbrella at different heights.

The original garden light

On sale now there are a large number of garden lights for candles. They are usually used for decorative lighting during a dinner or some garden party. Pendant luminaries with candles look nice in a pergola, on a terrace. If you want them to shine brighter, you can put a few candles next to each other.

The original garden light

Solar-powered garden lights are not, in principle, intended for garden lighting. They can only illuminate the threshold or some decorative element. But on the other hand they are completely environmentally friendly, easy to use and require little maintenance.

To make them brighter, they just need to be wiped of dust from time to time. Switch on by yourself. The electricity they use is also completely free. Conveniently, they do not require installation and are resistant to rain, fog, snow. They also tolerate temperature variations from -10 to +50°C, i.e.. Only put them away for the winter.

Now in addition to standard lanterns produce many different designs solar-powered – garlands, hanging lanterns and even garden figurines that begin to glow in the dark. So there's plenty to choose from. Even if the garden has a good fixed lighting, do not forget about the additional from the solar-powered devices.

Original garden light

Such a beautiful Chinese lantern can be made from several photo frames. First you have to take the frames apart, take out the glass, and cover them with a sheet of colored parchment and rice paper with a design. If they are not available, you can decorate the glass with beautiful table cloths. Then it is necessary to assemble the frames so that the paper would be on the outside of the lantern.

Boxes are lined up in a row, and the joints held together with a wide adhesive tape. The frames are then stacked into a cube and the remaining side is glued together. The bottom should be glued with double-sided adhesive tape. And as a cover you can use another photo frame. A candle is placed inside the lantern. Such a lantern looks very beautiful on the table in the dark.

The original garden light

If you put a LED battery lamp in a decorative paper or fabric light, you can easily hang it on a hook anywhere

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