11 simple, yet original ideas for yard design

Vases near the front path to the house

A great idea for decorating the yard

  • Flowerbeds are a wonderful addition to the sidewalks of modern homes.
A shiny gold plaque on the blue door

A shiny gold sign on a bright door looks chic

  • A few citrus trees right in front of the front door won't hurt.
  • Make an herb fence (like the lavender in the photo) along the driveway.
The beds are fenced in with wooden boards

Beautiful vegetable garden ideas for a summer home

  • Flower boxes behind windows are a great addition to a certain home design.
A path of green grass and stones in front of the garage

A quality and expensive garage door will look great

  • Try a little landscaping on your plot, and in doing so, do it in an unusual way by adding a path of green grass and stones. Rest assured, such an original decorative element will look great, and will go with any facade design.
  • Or you could try making a modern concrete walkway to the house, as shown in the photo below.
A pathway made of concrete and rocks

Such a pathway looks stylish and creative.

If you like one of the options for decorating your yard, be sure to write about it in the comments.

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