Nature’s inspiration: 30 unique garden design ideas

Lawn and garden design

Stones, concrete, and horizontal wooden beams are what are commonly used to design flowerbeds. But what do you say about vertical logs? Sometimes even a drop of the unexpected is admired. The size and silver-white hue of the tree are two good reasons for this idea (Cheap Seeds design).

Landscaping your garden

Don't forget the interesting containers. Below you can see a diverse assortment of succulent tones. Their careful treatment is also a work of art. Surprise yourself with a planting like this, and you'll see your flower sculptures come to life (The Art Garden design).

Landscaping a garden plot

Garden greenery

Trimmed hedges evoke the magic of English gardens. To address this classic technique, we suggest you plant shrubs inside the bed and then shape them into a sphere. And you get an image full of charm (Down to Earth Landscapes design).

Landscaping the garden plot

Oh, how beautiful a vine wrapped around a trellis! This part of the garden is usually the clearest color. To enhance this effect, you need to choose strategically the right assortment of grasses and shrubs to plant around it. And, as a result, a natural paradise filled with different shades of green (design by Shirley Bovshow)

Lawn and garden design

Create a lawn on your property with this elegant framing to draw attention to the grass itself. In the image below, a low border of brick and plants bulges the greenery. Garden Sculpture In this setting takes on grandeur (image by Dumbarton Oaks Garden, from Daily Tea Enjoyment).

Landscape design of a garden plot

If gaps between cobblestones lead to muddy paths, try filling them with low-growing plants. Even if they spill over onto these rocks. The resulting mounds of vegetation look stunning (Fun Design Ideas design).

Lawn and garden design

What if your walkways are as purposeful as your flowerbeds? The border design of paths makes them more prominent. Especially when the dark stone is surrounded by white pebbles. Most importantly, you won't need to mow or fertilize these open paths! (MundoHogar

Landscaping your garden plot

Garden seats

What you create is a place of peace and contemplation. And nothing contributes to that contemplation more than a welcoming place to sit. Feel free to keep it simple! And a slab of concrete can become With a modern bench (design by paperblog).

Landscaping your garden plot

A layered stone bench is the perfect place to rest, and its unique curvilinear shape captures attention (Down to Earth Landscapes design).

Landscaping for a garden plot

Water features

Water's function is to soothe. Deciding where and how to place them requires a lot of thought and careful planning. Consider the location itself, the type of surrounding vegetation, practicality, and your time and budget. Check out the modern A rectangular pond complements the lush tropical greenery (Gardenhouse design).

Landscaping the garden area

Remember, water features don't have to be exquisite to make an impression. Birdbaths and beautiful fountains look especially good in a prominent place. And a layer of polished stones creates the perfect bed for them (Outdoorlivinguk design).

Landscaping Garden Site Design

If the container is the canvas and the plants are the paints, don't forget to add variety to the composition! Choose herbs and flowers of different colors and heights, and add inanimate elements like rocks to turn an empty pot into an interesting landscape.

Landscaping a garden

The opposite concept is equally striking! Instead of filling modern pots with conventional flowers, fill traditional ones, such as urns, with modern succulents and get an amazing contrast (InspireBohemia design).

Landscaping in the garden

DIY project is one of the most extraordinary uses of cinder blocks. Stacking these everyday objects to result in a wall of modern pots has become an architectural masterpiece. And filling the holes in the blocks with succulents – it's like the icing on the cake! (Potted design)

Landscaping the garden area
Garden Area Landscaping


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